Wall-sized high-definition prints!


I have numerous high-definition posters now available at my store. How high definition are they? Well, you can order the posters and still see intricate detail at a colossal 78″ x 52″ poster size… that’s 6 feet across! The rich colors and sharp designs are best viewed at this massive size, they are imposing and impressive. They give the impression of looking through a giant plate-glass window out into the wonders of space from a spaceship. If you want that futuristic look for your (entire) wall, these posters are the best way to get it. I can also custom-make a poster that is a composite of those, if you want a REALLY wall-sized one. For example, for the cost of 4 regular prints, I can custom-make a 4-segment print that, once assembled, is 12 feet across and 8.5 feet tall!

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